What Pearl Necklace Length Should I Get?

When women decide that it's time to invest in strands of pearls, which are just so classic, feminine and beautiful, they often wonder which length is right for them. In fact, the question of which length of pearl necklace to purchase is actually the most frequently asked question! Since women need answers (and men who buy pearls for women need answers, too!), we think that it's time to share the most important facts about the different lengths of pearl necklaces and who they are right for.
When you peruse our detailed guide, you'll be one step closer to enjoying a strand of luminous and exquisite pearls which are just right for your needs. In the end, it's all about lifestyle and personal style. You will need pearls that fit the way you live. 

Without further ado, we'd like to discuss the different pearl necklaces which are out there in the marketplace.

Once you compare and contrast these necklace lengths, you'll be primed to make a wise and informed decision! You'll be able to select a gorgeous strand of shimmering pearls which are meant to be treasured for a lifetime.

We recommend that you invest in pearls which measure 7.0-8.0 mm in diameter. Pearls of this size look wonderful and that's why they are the most popular choice with women.

Before we talk about the various lengths of pearls, you should know that cultured pearls are organic. This means that you won't always get a precise measurement for each strand. There are natural variations which are found in every strand of pearls. With this in mind, anticipate a variance which is between 0.10 mm and .025 mm. This deviation is accepted within the jewelry industry, due to the unique and organic nature of genuine cultured pearls.

Discover the Sexy Sixteen-Inch (16") Pearl Choker
Chokers are sexy and a little bit retro. They highlight the beauty of a woman's neck to absolute perfection. As you probably already know, chokers fit fairly snugly around the neck, rather than hanging down. They shouldn't be tight, but should fit closely enough that they don't move around.

A 16-inch choker necklace crafted from shining pearls will fit most women's necks perfectly. To get the perfect fit, look for a pearl choker which measures 16 inches and encircles the bottom of the neck. It should run past the collarbones and come to rest right under the throats hollow. If you're petite, the length may lie a bit lower. Petite women tend to get more of a "princess" length when they wear these chokers, but that look is very attractive also.

If you love to wear necklines which are open or high, and love to get second looks while you're dressed up in strapless gowns, then these versatile pearls will be perfect for you. They are also the perfect complement to casual shirts, such as boat-necked styles.
16-inch chokers are old-fashioned enough to provide retro appeal, without looking dated. Basically, they are super-classic and so much fun to wear!

Feel Like Royalty in an 18-inch (18") Princess-Length Necklace
Another great option is the stunning, eighteen-inch Princess length pearl necklace. These strands of pearls will rest one and a half to two inches beneath your collarbone. In actuality, the total length of a Princess-length pearl necklace will range from seventeen to nineteen inches. How long the necklace is will vary based on brand.

This is probably the most traditional length out there, so it really will go with everything. If you love the classic, all-American look, such as the look that late actress, Grace Kelly, had back at the height of her fame, before she married Prince Rainier of Monaco, you may get it with a Princess-length necklace. Wear your 18-inch strand of pearls with sweater sets, little black dresses, business suits or evening gowns. However you wear them, they are going to polish your look and showcase your neck and face.

Add Drama with a Twenty-two Inch (22") Matinee Pearl Necklace
If you want to create a distinct look which gets you noticed, without being over the top, you'll love what a Twenty-two Inch Matinee pearl necklace has to offer. This style will rest at the mid-chest, right above the breasts. Since it is longer, it will visually slim the area from the neck to the bottom of the bosom. This length will add so much drama and personality, it's a perfect complement to turtleneck sweaters or designs with cowl necks. It's also a great way to add a little dash of sensuality to tailored shirts.

If you want even more drama, layer your Matinee Pearl Necklace with a variety of other necklaces of different types and lengths.

Is a Striking Opera Length Necklace Right for You?
Our Opera Length Pearl Necklace measures thirty-six inches(36"). It's a supremely elegant choice and it will hang to the base of your rib case or upper abdomen, depending on your height. This style is very elegant, as its name suggests, and it will measure from thirty-four to thirty-six inches.

If you attend a lot of evening events which require fancy dresses, having these glorious pearls in your jewelry wardrobe will be the key to adding the ideal finishing touch to every gown or evening suit. It's all about elegant, high style and timeless elegance. Also, you'll be able to wrap them twice around your neck, so you'll have options when it comes to how to wear them. They may also be knotted in a nod to the Flapper look of the 1920s.

Have Fun with our Fifty-four Inch (54") Pearl Rope
Fashion is supposed to be fun. When you have a super-long rope of pearls to wear, you'll be able to experiment and create some wonderful fashion effects in no time flat. The more length, the more versatility and this particular style has plenty of length to play with. A pearl necklace of this type may actually vary in length from forty-eight to sixty inches and pearls will be loose-matched. Three hanks of pearls will be included in each necklace. Our particular necklaces do measure 54-inches.

Wear your necklace alone, double it or triple it. It's all up to you and how you feel on a given day or night. Switch from elegant to contemporary and edgy in the blink of an eye. Or, if you prefer, knot your pearls for a vintage look which is stunning and evocative.

Access a World of Style with the One Hundred-Inch (100")Endless Pearl Rope
Pearls are sensual treasures. Cool to the touch, with a bit of heft and so much shine and glow, they are a pleasure to touch. If you adore pearls and want the ultimate in pearl luxury, we encourage you to treat yourself to our 100-inch Endless Pearl Rope. It's the secret of the most personalized style, because this fabulous pearl necklace will give you the power to double, triple, quadruple, knot, double-knot and back-drape your pearls. The sky is the limit with this type of necklace. It's completely decadent and you'll love it for a lifetime. It will grow with you as your personal style evolves.

If you were a fan of Sex and the City on HBO, you should know that main character, Carrie Bradshaw, wore one of these 100-inch stunners during the program. She made pearls desirable to a younger audience.

Measuring Facts and Tips for Newbies
If you want to buy a new pearl necklace, you're probably pretty excited. It is a fun thing to do. Pearls are natural and beautiful and they've been prized for centuries. With this in mind, let's talk about the right way to measure pearl necklaces...

Earlier, we talked about how cultured pearls are natural and this means that some pearls may vary in terms of their dimensions. When they are strung together on a necklace, length may be impacted by these natural variations. Jewelers, such as our pearl artisans, use their experience, knowledge and passion for pearls in order to match them by their size range.

We look for pearls which measure seven to eight millimeters in diameter, or maybe go a bit higher by matching pearls with diameters of 8.5 mm. The goal is to create a strand where all pearls are similar in size, within about half a millimeter.

With natural variations in mind, you should know that length may not be precise. For example, an 18-inch necklace may not measure exactly 18 inches. However, it will be pretty close.

We hope that you've enjoyed this guide. Now that you know these facts, you may know the answer to the question, "What pearl necklace length should I get?"


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