How to Care for Your Pearls

If you're going to invest in pearls, you should know that caring for them properly will allow you to enjoy their beauty for a long, long time. With this in mind, I'd like to share some pearl care tips which are tried and true. I'm a pearl expert and following my advice will help you to keep your pearls shimmering and lustrous for a lifetime.

Health and Beauty Aids May Damage a Pearl
Did you know that a lot of health and beauty aids, such as hair spray, sun block and makeup are made with chemicals which are known to be harmful to pearls? These products may take away from the stunning luster of your pearls and why you shouldn't apply these products while you're wearing pearl jewelry.
When you perspire your body produces oils that may dull the shimmer of your pearls, one good rule to follow is to put your pearls on half an hour after you use health and beauty aids. 
Other Practical Pearl Care Tips
In order to keep your pearls clean and bright, you should wipe them down with a soft damp cloth after wearing them. You'll find that your peals won't accumulate build-up which can be damaging to their sheen. It's best to store your pearls in chamois pouches or jewelry boxes with a soft lining away from other jewelry to prevent them from getting scratched.

Don't put pearls in airtight bags, such as Zip-loc bags. Pearls have trace amounts of water and are organic, so when you store them in environments which are airtight, they may become brittle and lose their shimmer. 

Should You Re-string Your Pearls?
If you're someone who wears your pearls on a frequent basis, you should consider re-stringing once per year. Get a pro to take care of this delicate job. Each pearl should have a sturdy knot on either side in order to prevent pearl loss should the necklace snap, knots can also stop pearls from rubbing against each other causing erosion. FYI the pearls you buy from Pearl Rack do not need to be restrung, ever.

Silk and nylon are good choices for restringing, but they tend to absorb oil from your skin which means they will gradually lose their sheen over time. When you restring, the cord that links your pearls will be bright, fresh and new. It's better to restring than to wash a cord, as this tends to weaken then tensile strength of the cord and raise the odds of it breaking.


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