Pearl Sizes - Guide on Learning the Size of Pearls

Which Size of Pearl Should You Purchase?
Lots of my customers ask me which sizes of pearls they should buy. It's actually the question which is asked the most. With this mind, I'd like to share the advice that I give to my customers with you today. I want to help you find the most exquisite and appropriate pearls!

The sizes of pearls often play a prominent role in how much they cost and they also determine their "wow factor" while they're being worn. Bigger pearls are going to have more visual impact. However, they aren't right for every woman. Today, I hope to help you find the right size for you, whether it's big or small. My advice is based on years of experience as a jeweler who specializes in gorgeous, lustrous pearls!

Which Size Sells the Most?
For necklaces and earrings, which are the most popular pearl jewelry choices, the best-selling pearl sizes range between seven and eight millimeters. In general, pearls which measure seven to eight millimeters in diameter are considered to be the most versatile.
You may wear them anywhere, with almost anything. For example, they'll look perfect with jeans and casual t-shirts, as well as business suits and dresses. They also suit many different age groups, from teens to mature women who are fifty and up.

If you are interested in this classic pearl size, you'll find that you have two choices.
One choice is Akoya pearls from Japan. These have half-mm measuring increments. You'll find six to six and half millimeter pearls, seven to seven and a half millimeter pearls and the most-purchased size, which is seven to seven and a half millimeters.
The other option is Freshwater pearls. They feature one millimeter increments and you'll be able to select six to seven millimeter styles or go for seven to eight millimeter styles. Most women opt for the seven to eight millimeter Freshwater pearls.

If you're interested in stud earrings crafted from shimmering pearls, we think that choosing seven to eight millimeter pearls will provide you with the most classic and traditional look. Pearls of this size will sit upon the earlobe without moving forward due to their weight. They will be comfortable and stay in place, as long as they have high-quality clasps. As well, if you have two holes in each ear, you'll be able to wear pearl studs of this size and still have room for other earrings.

Let's Compare Necklace Sizes
Half-millimeter increases in size seem small in theory. However, pearls are measured in terms of diameter and volume, so a little change does make a difference. In fact, when you go up half a millimeter, you'll access twenty percent more size overall. Checking out necklaces with six to six and a half millimeter pearls, versus necklaces with pearls which measure six and a half to seven millimeters, will help you to see which size is right for you.

We offer some gorgeous pearl necklaces of different sizes, as well as other forms of pearl jewelry. You should explore our collection as it will help you to understand how the different pearl diameters look in real life. Plus, you may find the necklace (or earrings, or bracelet, or ring) of your dreams.

With six to seven millimeter pearls, necklaces have a feminine and dainty appearance. We recommend this size for younger ladies. For example, if you want to give a girl her first pearls, this size will be perfect. As well, women who are quite petite will find that these pearls are in scale to their smaller proportions.

Seven to eight millimeter pearl necklaces are totally classic. They give women the Grace Kelly look which is so traditional, stylish and timeless. These pearls will go anywhere and you'll find that investing in them is something that you never regret. They are super-wearable and it's nice to be able to wear pearl necklaces with a host of outfits, from casual to formal and everything in between.

Eight to nine millimeter pearls are luxurious choices. They are more substantial due to their larger size and they are so glam and elegant. We recommend these pearls for women in the prime of their lives, such as ladies who are thirty years of age or older.
Pearl necklaces with pearls that measure nine to ten millimeters are typically Akoya pearls. This is pretty much as big as Akoya pearls ever get. Freshwater pearls of this size are also available. Larger pearls of 9mm to 10mm have a lot of visual impact and look impressive. They are attention-getting pearls because of their bigger scale.

However, they are fine to wear day and night.

Ten to eleven millimeter pearls are South Sea, Tahitian or Freshwater pearls. The Freshwater styles usually all have the same shape and scale. The South Sea and Tahitian necklaces are generally graduated and feature pearls of different sizes which range from ten to fourteen millimeters. The larger pearls are definitely show-shopping. They bring so much glamour to women's lives!

Information for Pearl Earring Buyers
If you're interested in pearl earrings, you should know that you're on the right track. These earrings are such a great way to enhance natural beauty and they definitely add polish to outfits. We mentioned before that seven to eight millimeter pearls are the most impressive choices. They are just the right weight and size, so be sure to consider them before you make a final decision about which pearl earrings to invest in.

Of course, there are other sizes and all have their virtues...

Six to seven millimeter pearl earrings are perfect for girls aged six to sixteen. They are also nice choices for women who are petite.

Seven to eight millimeter pearls are super-classic and wearable. They are ideal sizes for studs.

Eight millimeter earrings are very traditional.

Styles from eight to nine millimeters are the second-strongest sellers. They have just a touch more wow factor, so they amp up glamour without standing out too much.

Nine to ten millimeter earrings are typically Akoya pearls from Japan and there are also South Sea pearls of this size. It's an elegant, beautiful size which is demure enough, while still offering a touch of drama.

Ten to eleven millimeter pearls are great choices if you want luxury pearl earrings. They are available in Freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea types. They are moderate in terms of weight and they won't move forward on the ear while they are worn.

Eleven to twelve millimeter pearl earrings are super-glam. That's probably why Angelina Jolie loves to wear them during her many red carpet appearances. If you want the Hollywood look, treat yourself to these larger-than-average pearls. They stand out and add tons of high style.

Twelve to thirteen millimeter earrings are the biggest choices for earrings. We don't think that you should go any bigger than this, for the sake of comfort. The bigger pearls are, the more they weigh and weight matters when it comes to earrings!

Choose from Golden South Sea pearls, white South Sea pearls or Tahitian pearls which are black. Some Freshwater pearls also come in this size.


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