Pearl Overtones- Overtone Guide for Golden, White, Black Pearls

Get the Inside Scoop on Pearl Overtones
Overtones are the colors which appear on the surface of pearls when the light catches them. Pearls are iridescent, so a white pearl may have an array of overtones, as may a black pearl, a blue pearl or any other color of pearl. The base color of the pearl is not its overtone.

Overtones are other shades which appear on the surface of pearls. They are part of the reason why pearls are so magical and hypnotic. It's quite something to behold and the more mirror-like a pearl's luster is, the more prominent its undertones will be when the light plays on pearls, they become prismatic.. This is why people who grade pearls definitely consider the degree of luster of individual pearls to be important in terms of determining their fair market value.

Today, we'd like to share lots of important information about pearl overtones...
Overtones in White Pearls

There are a trio of overtones in white pearls and these are cream, rose and silver. You'll find these pretty overtones in Akoya pearls from Japan and in South Sea pearls which are white. Freshwater pearls that are white will have them, the intensity of overtones will be different from pearl to pearl.

Akoya pearls from Japan are crisp white and very traditional. They are the cultured pearls which women choose more often than any others. With this type of pearl, silver overtones are very visible, these overtones highlight the white purity of the pearls and brighten their overall appearance. Most people derive their ideas of what pearls should be based on how these famous and treasured white pearls look!
If your coloring is darker, you'll find that these lustrous and luminous white pearls are an ideal complement. They provide welcome contrast to women who have darker or black hair and darker/olive skin tones. Since these pearls are cool in undertone, they are vibrant against skin which is on the darker side. Wear them with white gold or yellow gold in order to make the most of your natural beauty. White gold brings out the cooler undertones in white pearls, which makes them seem whiter where as yellow gold offers more contrast and a very traditional look.
The rose overtones in white pearls are so feminine and flattering. Look for a slight blush of faint rose or deeper pink overtones, white pearls which have prominent rose overtones are great choices for women who are on the fair side. For example, those with blond hair or light to medium-brown hair, who also have fair skin, will look wonderful in these rose-tinted white pearls. The rose overtone is warmer and it adds a bit of warmth to cool skin tones and makes them more vibrant. Wear white pearls which have rose overtones with yellow gold settings in order to bring out their warm tones or go for white gold for a bit of contrast while white gold will cool down overtones and make the pink tones less noticeable.
The last common overtone in white pearls is cream which is also known as ivory. Cream lends a "French Vanilla" cast to white pearls. If you're a brunette, you'll find that investing in white pearls with cream undertones is the best way to access pearls which highlight your natural coloring.

Mature women who have grey or silver hair or those who are a bit ruddy or flush easily will be flattered by these pearls. They will contrast very well with pinkish and reddish tones. Certain cream overtones tend to have little sparks of violet color which are beautiful and cream overtones definitely add dimension and richness to the look of pearls.

Yellow gold is a great setting for white pearls with cream overtones. Yellow matches the warm cream undertones, so your pearl jewelry will have plenty of pleasing harmony. If you want contrast, choose a white gold setting instead but bear in mind that white gold tends to clash a bit with cream overtones.

White South Sea pearls and white Freshwater pearls always have the same trio of undertones...rose, cream and silver. The silver overtone tends to be most prominent in South Sea pearls that are white. When South Sea pearls have a prominent rose overtone instead, they become more valuable, as this is relatively rare.

Cream undertones may also be prominent in some pearls of this type and they have a complexity which is very intriguing. You should be able to choose pearls which have just the right overtones for your coloring and tastes! You should know that the overtones of pearls of the white South Sea type tend to be quite soft, compared to the intense overtones in Akoya pearls.

When it comes to Freshwater pearls, there are plenty of creamy colors and rosy overtones to admire while silver is the least intense overtone.

Discover the Overtones of Black Pearls
Tahitian pearls which are cultured and naturally-black are cultivated within atolls and lagoons in the tropical paradise which is French Polynesia. These types of pearls are actually dark gray and it's also possible to find dove grey and pale silver Tahitian pearls. The darkest ones appear almost black and are typically marketed as black pearls.
Black Tahitian pearls have so many dazzling overtones for example, if you look closely, you'll see a lot of colors playing over the body of these pearls, including Peacock, blue-green and steel/silver. You may spy a rich eggplant overtone and/or pistachio, chocolate, cherry and sky blue overtone colors. Peacock is a mixture of rose, gold and green and it shimmers over the bodies of lighter grey or darker grey Tahitian pearls.

So, which women look best in Tahitian black pearls? Well, all women do! The overtones are diverse enough to flatter all skin tones, from porcelain to mahogany and everything in between.

Women with blond hair will look gorgeous in Tahitian pearls which are lighter grey and which have peacock overtones. These types of pearls are actually great for anyone who has cool undertones in her skin. The darker pearls from Tahiti are great choices for those who have olive, dark or tan skin tones, or for those who are really pale, but have dark hair.

Pair them however you want to. Choose white or yellow gold to go with peacock overtones. White gold will bring out the cooler aspects of the Peacock overtone, such as its blues and greens. Yellow gold will warm up the pearls by bringing out their rose, warm green and gold overtones.

The steel/silver overtones in Tahitian pearls may range from palest white to silver grey. They shimmer over the bodies of dark grey Tahitian pearls, these overtones will usually have touches of green/aquamarine and rose which add a touch of interesting depth and richness.

The silver overtone is universally flattering, however those with blond hair and fair skin may wear it best! Also, if a women has red or pink tones in her skin, this overtone will be a good choice. It's also appropriate for those who favor pastel shades in their wardrobes.

Tahitians which have silver overtones will reflect tons of light and this light will make the pearls look larger and brighter. Wear this overtone with clasps which are white gold, any white gold setting will be extremely complementary. If pearls have prominent aquamarine or rose overtones, yellow gold will be a great match.
One other common overtone in Tahitian pearls is blue-green. It's the second most-common and preferred overtone overall. Typically, the middle of the pearl has a very noticeable blue-green cast, particularly when the pearl bodies are dark grey. If you have a fair complexion and dark hair, these pearls will look great on you. They are also fine choices for redheads and those with "winter" skin tones. The deep jewel tones of these pearl's overtones definitely look great and add tons of contrast.

White gold is a great option for settings for Tahitian pearls with blue-green overtones. You'll find that white cools down the overall look of the pearls and enhances their blue hues. If you want to bring out the warmer tones in these pearls, choose yellow gold.

Some South Sea Pearls Have Golden Overtones
South Sea pearls which are golden are those which have neutral gold, rose, green/bronze, champagne and silver overtones. These are secondary hues which play over the bodies of the golden pearls and give them more visual impact and dimension.
Pearls of this type come in different shades of gold, from twelve karat color to very intense twenty-four karat shades with a lot of orange in them. The pearls with deeper gold tones tend to fetch higher prices at auction. The most common forms of golden pearls are yellow styles, which are neutral golden they come with tinges of transparent gold over their main bodies.
Golden South Sea pearls may also have touches of pink overtones which are faint, yet noticeable. They add even more warmth to these gorgeous and exotic cultured pearls, pink and gold are good for a women's skin. It's the same effect as pink light bulbs in creamy shades and everyone knows that this lighting setup makes women look younger and fresher.

The rose overtone is most suitable to women who are fair-skinned. It will warm up their complexions in a very flattering way. The rose overtone is a great choice for women who want to glow when they wear their golden pearls, it boosts sparkle and it's also easy to wear with a host of dresses and separates. You'll get a lot of style mileage out of these types of pearls. We recommend yellow gold settings for Golden South Sea pearls with rose overtones it's also possible to find Golden South Sea pearls which have bronze/green overtones. However, they are probably the hardest to wear, if you have a really dark complexion or have greenish-yellow undertones, you'll have a better chance of shining in these unique pearls. These attention-getting pearls look great in yellow gold settings.
Discover the Magic of Champagne Overtones
Actually, this type of overtone isn't technically an overtone, It's a body color which is very rare and rather distinct. Champagne pearls look lovely and they have a peachy-pink cast which gives them the same hue as a sparkling flute of fine champagne. These pearls are wonderful on blondes and those with light brown hair. They suit women who have red or pink undertones in their skin.

If you prefer paler, pastel shades, and look better in them, these may be the pearls that you've been looking for! Pair them with yellow gold settings which boost their sparkle factor.

Some Pearls Have Silver Overtones
Certain South Sea pearls which are golden have silvery overtones. They will have a pale cast of white over their golden bodies. Ladies who look great in cool colors will be flattered by these pearls, they look great on women with olive or tan complexions.

This overtone is cool and bright and it may include blue and green undertones, it will help to reflect light and make pearls look bigger and brighter.
Now that you have the inside scoop on pearl overtones, please check out our pearl jewelry today! You'll be able to find jewelry which is a perfect match for your coloring and tastes.


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